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Wilber responds to Sillis re: Norbu in “Speaking of Everything”

Ken Wilber: […] When Namkhai Norbu is talking about the nature of the mind, he is talking about absolute truth, ultimate non-dual truth, which is the truth of one’s ever-present awareness, moment to moment. That can be investigated quite regardless of what your philosophy is, or your psychology is, and so on.

Enlightenment.com: Just shut up and look.

Ken Wilber: Shut up and look. That’s the basic, fundamental instruction for the non-dual schools. It’s just shut the fuck up and look. [Laughter.]

Enlightenment.com: The injunction that you can test.

Ken Wilber: The injunction carries … it is a little bit more specific. The ultimate injunction for the non-dual realization is not that you can get to a state where you have a non-dual awareness, but that there is something about your state right now that is already one hundred percent aware of it.

Enlightenment.com: Right.

Ken Wilber: So all we’re going to do is keep pointing to it until you see it. We’re not going to bring anything into existence that isn’t already here one hundred percent. If you hear my voice, and see the table, and you’re noticing sounds that are going on, that is the enlightened mind. That is one hundred percent of the enlightened mind.

Now, the reason that you don’t go “Wow, I see it,” is that you are too distracted by the objects that are occurring in that mind moment to moment. You focus on the objects passing by and you forget who the actual seer is or the witness of these objects, and so that appears that it is not present, but in fact it is ever present.