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Eden for grown-ups

"Caduceus Loft" by Jim O'Connell

The third basic rule — that sex is delightful and sacred — still stands. The Song of Songs embodies it. The Song points both beyond the childish Eden of the past and beyond the sad history that followed Eden; it points to “Eden for grown-ups.” In the Song, bodies are no longer shameful, as they became after the mistake of Eden; the earth is playful, not our enemy; and women and men are equal in desire and in power. God is no longer Father/Mother as in Eden, giving orders, but — unnamed — is inherent in the very process of life, as our parents become when we are fully adult.

God’s name never appears in the Song of Songs — because the entire Song is the name of God.

Same-Sex Marriage: The Emerging Torah” By Rabbi Arthur Waskow