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…something is happening here that God is doing for us

[…] liturgy, properly entered into, has nothing whatever to do with me and what I do, it’s not about worshipping God in the first place, it is about worshipping God, obviously, but not in the first place, and I think the problem that a lot of us had, certainly that I had and still do, with a lot of what passes for liturgy, is that we put ourselves first, we think that it’s about what we are doing for God and we are worshipping God. Obviously that’s something we do.

Well what I discovered in the monastery is that in the first place, what happens in liturgy if your mind and your heart, and indeed your body is open to it, is that something is happening here that God is doing for us. Not just for me, but for us. And to enter into that space is hugely transforming, that enables me to respond by worshipping God and indeed by enabling my brothers and sisters to worship God but in the first place it is what God does for us. It is as I’ve said elsewhere, sheer grace of this pure gift. Out of that flows our response.

Drasko Didzar on “The Spirit of Things”. Thanks to Sister Trish for the tip.