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Human Potential

This is the final Sunday before Ascension Sunday. This sequence of weeks between Easter and Ascension involve recognising the nature of what you might call our “fortunate condition”. I find it very easy to get wrapped up in how difficult ordinary life seems to be and sometimes the life of Spirit seems almost unattainable, spiritual practice seems all too hard, attending a service seems a chore.

This sequence of meditations:

  • the wealth of spirit
  • divine grace
  • divine protection
  • divine aid toward liberation
  • recognition of the human potential for liberation

… is intended to bring mind and heart into a space in which are able to recognise the level of assistance which we are provided. Liberation is not only possible, it is feasible and we have help, but we need to accept it.

You may find that contemplating and meditating on that sequence of five themes at any time in your life opens your heart into the possibility of freedom. What had seemed just too hard, can afterward seem effortless, pleasurable and essential. Try it!