Making attractive guys using facial morphing

I had some fun with an app called MorphThing. I’ve observed that facial averages tend towards being pretty attractive – which isn’t surprising because most cultures find balanced, average faces beautiful.

Cheap fun because I’m just morphing actors since that’s the faces they had preloaded. So, first I picked a list of actors I like looking at. This guy is – Jude-Law-and-Jake-Gyllenhaal–Brad-Pitt-and-Tom-Cruise–Ashton-Kutcher-and-Adam-Levine–Alex-Pettyfer–Alexander-Skarsgard–Eric-Bana–Ethan-Hawke–David-Beckham–Dean-Cain–Chris-Pine–Christian-Bale–Colin-Farrell-and-Cristiano-Ronaldo


So, that’s kind of peak hotness for me. Then I decided to do a slightly deeper cut. This is… Trevor McFamousguy. This is a morph of a selection of pretty, famous men, heavily biased by what was easily available on, by my personal taste in men and by who shows up at the start of the alphabet.

50 Cent, Adam Levine, Alex Pettyfer, Alexander Skarsgard, Andy Lau, Ashton Kutcher, Bow Wow, Brad Pitt, Chris Pine, Christian Bale, Colin Farrell, Cristiano Ronaldo, Daniel Dae Kim, Daniel Henney, David Beckham, Dean Cain, Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy, Eric Bana, Ethan Hawke, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jason Momoa, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Depp, Josh Hartnett, Jude Law, Kanye West, Kwon Sang Woo, Naveen Andrews, Nick Jonas, Orlando Bloom, Paul Walker, Paul Wesley, Taye Diggs, Timbaland, Tom Cruise, Tupac Shakur, Will Smith

OK. I’m loving the trans-ethnic look, but we can do better. This is Mr America, really. Let’s get more global.

This is getting pretty abstract, but… I took my average pretty actor face from yesterday and averaged it with the Average Bollywood Actor from here [A]. Then I averaged his Average Korean Actor and his Average Japanese Actor [B]. Then I averaged his Average Chinese Actor with B [C] and then averaged A with C. All this in attempt to roughly approximate population proportions of different regions.

Behold, Global Actor Dude!

But this really left out Oceania, so one more step. A bunch of Hollywood actors, morphed with average faces of East Asian and Bollywood actors, all morphed with regional average faces from West, North, East and South, together with some national averages from South America and Samoa (for some Oceania representation).

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