Advent Practice Challenge – Close The Gap

So, the Christian season of Advent starts on Sunday 30 November. Advent is the preparation for Christmas and, along with Lent, it’s one of inward-turning or solemn seasons.

Just as there are ancient traditions of giving things up for Lent, there are traditions of taking things on for Advent.

Here is my proposal for you:

Whatever your spiritual practice is, consider the gap between how much, how often or how deeply you’d like to be practicing and how you usually practice.

Starting on Sunday 30 November, until Christmas Eve, Close The Gap. For just four weeks, practice the way you wish you always did. Go hard. Go longer. Go deeper. Go more gently. You know what you need to do to improve how you’re practicing, so let’s do what we most need, together.

I’m posting this now to give us all a few weeks to warm up.

You can keep it all to yourself or post anywhere with the hashtag #adventclosethegap to get and give encouragement.

Take some time, work out what you want to do, work out how to make it work for four weeks and on Sunday 30 November, let’s really begin!

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