A wee Litany for All Saints Day

First Father, Most High, Ancient of Days! You send us messengers and guides to show us Your ways. As you taken them to Yourself, hear their prayers on our behalf and take us to Your great Heart when it comes our time. Hear us, Beloved! Amen.

Lord, Master, Kyrie, You have shown us Your self and through Your life given us an example of human life perfected. Countless holy ones and adepts have followed your way. We give thanks for them all, from past unfathomed, to future unimaginable. Gather up their prayers and may their lives guide us eternally. In Your Name, Amen.

Great Lady! Pure! Unstained Perfection! Yours is the whisper in every human heart. You, the cool breeze guiding each one to Your safe harbour. You, the Bread of life. You, the Comforter. You, the Distinct Breath. Gracious one, countless holy ones have known You. May that Great Communion guide us ever in Your ways and may You whisper, guide, nourish and comfort each one of us, that we may each one know you in turn. Amen.

May all the saints and adepti intercede on our behalf and inspire us with their lives to come to know You ourselves. And so we ask…

Holy John the Beloved of our Lord; pray for us

Holy John the Baptist; pray for us

Most Holy Mary, Theotokos; pray for us

Holy Mary Magdalena; pray for us

Holy Thomas; pray for us

Holy James the Just; pray for us

Holy Peter; pray for us

All the Holy Apostles; pray for us

Holy Simon Magus; pray for us

Holy Valentinus; pray for us

Holy Origen; pray for us

Holy Pelagius; pray for us

Holy Nestorius; pray for us

Holy Gregory Palamas; pray for us

Holy John of the Cross; pray for us

Holy Theresa of Avila; pray for us

Holy Joachim von Flora; pray for us

Holy Jacob Boehme; pray for us

Holy Joan of Arc; pray for us

Holy Esclaremonde de Foix; pray for us

Holy Hildegarde of Bingen; pray for us

Holy Giordano Bruno; pray for us

Holy Louis Claude de Saint-Martin; pray for us

Holy Martinez de Pasqually; pray for us

Holy Raphael, stand with us in the morning

Holy Michael, stand with us at noon

Holy Gabriel, stand with us at dusk

Holy Uriel, stand by our side in the night.

As we pray for the saints, may they continue pray for us. May each soul find its reunion.

In the Name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen!

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