The Invisible Wedding

So, I didn’t watch the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. But since it was hard to avoid the epimedia, I ended up participating. For some reason the whole thing drew me back to the scenes in volume 3 of Grant Morrison‘s magisterial “The Invisibles” where the Archons begin to manifest in Westminster Abbey. Reality got a little soft, images began to bleed through from outside the frame and some of the creativity expressed itself on Twitter. I present a summary below along with a couple of visual puns that only folk who’ve read a little Crowley are liable to get.

The Royal Family gather in the Temple to make the traditional blood sacrifices to the Archons #royalwedding

Queen reportedly impressed that Kate only issued muffled shrieks as the Royal cranial symbiote was implanted#royalwedding

Some controversy over which former Prime Minister will be fed to Rex Mundi as it manifests in Westminster Abbey#royalwedding

Spectators urged to watch for nanoswarm outbreaks and wandering shoggoths while in Mall area. #royalwedding

The Archbishop of Canterbury makes his formal entry to the Abbey bearing the Hand of Glory #royalwedding

Spectators unsurprised at the complete invisibility of the Queen’s Ninjas who are reportedly dotted all over Mall and Abbey#royalwedding

RT @LondonPolice Please take care and avoid spatial rifts as ArchCant performs opening invocations #royalwedding

SBSNews: People stared into a nightmare and lived to tell the tale #royalwedding
(OK, Anton was talking about the tornadoes in the USA, but he did say it.)

Crowds cheer as the grenadiers begin to bait the great spirithooks with the corpses of the homeless #royalwedding

I hoped there might be less horror and darkness at this #royalwedding given Will’s rep #nosuchluck #alwaysawindsor

On a lighter note: as Princess Anne’s personal cyborg regiment assemble into a giant centaur the mob cheers#royalwedding #breadandcircuses

Warning: all spectators in Union Jack bowler hats are shoggoths in rubber human suits. Avoid!!! Please RT!#royalwedding

Clarence House insists the Duke of Cambridge is wearing his actual body not an android duplicate #royalwedding

Dogs reportedly howling as far away as Cambridge as the Royal Anathematicians begin to rend time #royalwedding

A gallery of accidental reveals of the Duke of Edinburgh’s dorsal tentacles over the years #royalwedding#hilarious
(in case anyone’s confused, that’s a fake URL. Philip has successfully concealed his dorsal tentacles all these years. Or at least, if anyone got a photo, they haven’t been permitted to live)

Very disappointed to see JG consent to that blue fungal cerebral parasite. Humiliating to see our PM enslaved as a drone #royalwedding
(Did you see that thing?)

OMG Royal Vampyres quantum tunneling into my spacetime! Help! #royalwedding

No! Argh! My eyes! My eyes! The pain! Speak well of me… When I’m… Gone…#royalwedding

Then my mate Ian and I ended up in an odd conversation via SMS that somehow wound up producing these:

(which I’ll own is a slight misquote. But don’t you think Harry looks like he’s plotting something devilish?)

At least one friend has condemned me to pun hell as a result. I’m personally quite proud of making a very sweet, romantic shot look sinister. Or Thelemic. Or something.

Oh well, you know what I say about mainstream epimedia – if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

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