Behaviour Change

So, I have the delightful privilege of working in a converted warehouse in Surry Hills amongst designers of various kinds, graphic designers, web developers, landscape designers even packaging designers. Lovely people, the place is gorgeous, great neighbourhood. Absolutely nothing to complain about…

… well maybe one small thing. Pretty much every day, when I go to use the boy’s loo, I find an empty toilet paper roll – someone has used the last of the paper and failed to replace the roll. I would have thought maybe they couldn’t find them (in the only cupboard in the room near the door), but then a few times I’ve seen a fresh roll balanced on the empty roll… At least once a day and sometimes twice a day.

Now, there are a few instructional signs around the place suggesting in fairly stern terms that residents do the washing up and mop the bathroom floor if they have a shower, so I considered making another sign… but… I’ve had some good results in the past by approaching issues like this assuming a skill gap rather malice and using humour rather than gravitas.

Enter “Bog Roll School”, an instructional comic on how to change the toilet paper. I put a copy up above the toilet roll holder a couple of days ago and so far… no empty toilet rolls. Let’s see how we go over the longer term.

Please enjoy. The original is in ComicLife, so if you could find a use for it around your office or home, drop me a note 🙂

6 responses to “Behaviour Change

  1. Recycle the empty roll!

  2. Awesome. I wish I had had this many years ago when I had a roommate who was paper roll deficient. It drove me nuts. Especially when she just placed the new roll balanced on top of the empty one. What is up with that? When I couldn’t stand it any longer, I finally asked her if she if she didn’t know how to change it or if she was just a lazy-@$$. It was option B. But rolls were replaced after that.

  3. Damn! You’re right. Here comes edition #2, thanks Martin. Everyone’s pretty well sustainability trained, though.

  4. You = funny.

  5. Marvellous work

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