For the last 3 years, I’ve been saying that, as every farmer in this country slowly becomes a sustainability nut in the face of erosion, salinity, drought, climate change and other environmental issues, the National Party and the Greens will start to notice how many things they agree on….

A more cautious approach to globalisation, commitment to addressing climate change, addressing indigenous (especially rural and remote indigenous) disadvantage, repairing the river systems, environmental decay etc. In short, giving some kind of a toss about the issues that vex people living more than 60 minutes outside the CBD of a capital city.

You look at the list of demands that former National Party independent Bob Katter’s making of the Labor Party and you see why he’s an independent. But how many of those items would look out of place for a Greens candidate?

I’m on the record as saying that one day soon the Nationals will realise that they’ve got more in common with the Greens than with the Liberals and they’ll start asking themselves who they really ought to be in coalition with. After all the colours of the logo match much better.

Two years ago, this sounded like one of my crazy rants that I do when I’ve had too much coffee just to get people annoyed, but how crazy does it sound this week?

2 responses to “Greens-Nationals

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  2. You’re only considering overlap on environmental issues, there are many other philosophical differences. Too many, perhaps to overcome the common ground on environmental issues.

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