Bad news and good news

A little health update:

  • in a check-up with Gerard, my nutritionist, two months ago my bodyfat had crept back up to nearly 19% :no:
  • I’ve been travelling a bit in the last few weeks, including a trip to the USA, but I worked on my diet and went back to eating Ful for breakfast instead of porridge, tried to keep starches out of most meals, upped my vegetable intake :yes:
  • I haven’t been exercising much over that time :no:
  • I had a check-up last week and my bodyfat was a bit over 18% :yes:
  • Gerard let me know he’s leaving the practice to become a schoolteacher – apparently that’s fun! :-(( :no:
  • this morning I got my own Tanita bodyfat scale so I can monitor my bodyfat daily or weekly if I want to :yes:
  • Niche and I are kicking up our workout consistency this week and I’m planning to fit in more high intensity cardio. :yes:

So, on balance, things are good :-))

6 responses to “Bad news and good news

  1. Great that you managed to get your body fat all the way down from nearly 19% to a bit over 18%…. ;-)Yay for health.R

  2. Thanks for your support, Ralf :-|As you might recall, I originally dropped from 22% to 15% last year, but that was an “emergency mode” phase to deal with the health issue.Since January, I've been focusing on long-term lifestyle change, rather than responding to a crisis. I can drop a lot of fat fast, but to stay healthy I need to keep it off. So with that context, that jump from 15% to 19% in the first three months of this years was a bit of suck and pretty disappointing and merely dropping a little over six weeks is pretty good.If I can find myself back around 15% by this December, that will be awesome because it should mean I've successfully adapted my normal lifestyle to a more healthy style.

  3. The yay for health was serious, and I'm completely supportive of you being healthy, sorry if it didn't come across that way.I think what's great is that you stabilised the rise in body fat, and that is worth really celebrating. I think the way you phrased it (18%+k vs 19%-l) made it sound like a drop, but surely both measurements are affected by a test error rate of m and a regular physiological variance of n? The scientist in me was chuckling… A trend line of regular measurements is the way to go though. Ralf

  4. Ahh… sorry for being a bit hyper-sensitive. I didn't get your experimental-error humour. Yes, you're completely right. Flat-ish is better than rising! Especially given how little I exercised.I've never said, but I noticed when you dropped a bunch of fat a few years ago. What did you do?

  5. I think it was a combination of:- working through the emotional uncertainty that had been weighing on me- starting the day with 1/2 hour sitting meditation- replacing soy milk based coffee drinks with short blacksI did a bit of exercise, mainly just the fitness ladder from the Hacker's Guide to Weight Loss, but not all that regularly, i.e. daily for a few weeks, then drop it again, etc. But I'm a bit of a bastard when it comes to this stuff. A few days exercise and I tone up dramatically. No soy cappucino's for a week and I'll visibly lose the padding. One of those metabolisms…R

  6. Good for you!Yay for health 🙂

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